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Pablo Jimenez-Calvo

PhD - Student (IdEx Fellow)

Photocatalysis group


Tel +33 (0)3 68 85 27 40

Research Project

Photocatalytic Carbon Nitride Based Nanomaterials for Sustainable Chemistry







Scheme of heterogeneous solar hydrogen generation from aqueous media

The present work aims at design, construct and engineer ultrathin highly crystalline exfoliated carbon nitride (for simplicity g-C3N4) and to elaborate 2D nanocomposites for heterogeneous water splitting under sunlight. Therefore, both heterojunction effects and surface plasmons are of interest to maximize both photoabsorption of light and photocatalytic overall efficiency/stability. 

Research interests

- Photocatalytic water splitting

- Semiconductors and promoters

- Nanotechnology strategies

- Exfoliation of 2D nanosheets

- Based nanomaterials


2015: Erasmus + internship. Procter & Gamble (P&G) Brussels Innovation Center (BIC) for one year.

Title: " Layer-by-Layer (LbL) coating for Perfumed Microcapsules"

2014: Master in Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology). University of Porto (UPorto)

Title: "Feasibility of using a TiO2 containing paint coat to inactivate microorganisms in an aqueous system"

2011: Bachelor in Industrial Chemistry (Polymer). National University of Costa Rica (UNA)

Title: "Obtaining bio-ethanol from the biomass of microalgae"


heterogeneous water splitting, solar hydrogen generation, carbon nitride, promoters