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Liste des publications récentes du département

Temperature effects in carbon monoxide and methanol electrooxidation on platinum-rhuthenium: Influence of grain boundaries.
Kuznetsov A. N., Simonov P. A., Zaikovskii V. I., Parmon V. N., Savinova E. R.
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 17, 1903-1912, 2013.

Influence of the proton transport on the ORR kinetics and on the H2O2 escape in three-dimensionally ordered electrodes.
Rouhet M., Bozdech S., Bonnefont A., Savinova E. R.
Electrochemistry Communications 33, 111-114, 2013.

Cooperative behavior of Pt microelectrodes during CO bulk electrooxidation.
Crespo-Yapur D. A., Bonnefont A., Schuster R., Krischer K., Savinova E. R.
ChemPhysChem 14, 1117-1121, 2013.

Hydrogen electrooxidation on PdAu supported nanoparticles: An experimental RDE and kinetic modeling study.
Bonnefont A., Simonov A. N., Pronkin S. N., Gerasimov E. Y., Pyrjaev P. A., Parmon V. N., Savinova E. R.
Catalysis Today 202, 70-78, 2013.

One step synthesis of niobium doped titania nanotube arrays to form (N,Nb) co-doped TiO2 with high visible light photoelectrochemical activity.
Cottineau T., Béalu N., Gross P.-A., Pronkin S. N., Keller N., Savinova E. R., Keller V.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1, 2151-2160, 2013.

Beta-SiC foam as a promising structured photocatlytic support for water and air detoxification.
Kouame A. N., Masson R., Robert D., Keller N., Keller V.
Catalysis Today 209, 13, 2013.

On the use of capillary cytometry for assessing the bactericidal effect of TiO2. Identification and involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species.
Carré G., Keller N., Keller V., André P.
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences
, 12, 610, 2013.

Tunable generation and adsorption of energetic compounds in the vapor phase at trace levels: A tools for testing and developing sensitive and selective substrates for explosive detection.
Bonnot K., Bernhardt P., Hassler D., Baras C., Comet M., Keller V., Spitzer D.
Analytical Chemistry 85, 3016, 2013.

Solar light−activated photocatalytic degradation of gas phase diethylsulfide on WO3−modified TiO2 nanotubes.
Grandcolas M., Cottineau T., Louvet A., Keller N., Keller V.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 138, 128, 2013.

Chemistry of NOx on TiO2 surfaces studied by ambient pressure XPS: products, effect of UV irradiation, water and coadsorbed K+.
Rosseler O., Sleiman M., Montesinos V. N., Shavorski A., Keller V., Keller N., Litter M. I., Bluhm H., Salmeron M., Destaillats H.
Journal of Chemistry Letters, 4, 536, 2013.

Synthesis of vertically aligned titanium dioxide nanotubes on microcantilevers for new nanostructured micromechanical sensors for explosive detection.
Cottineau T., Pronkin S. N., Acosta M., Meny C., Spitzer D., Keller V.
Sensors and Actuators B−Chemical
, 182, 489, 2013.

Effect of Ce/Zr ratio in CeZr-CoRh catalysts on the hydrogen production by glycerol steam reforming.
Martínez Tejada L. M., Araque M., Vargas J. C., Roger A. C.
Applied Catal.
B: Environmental 132-133, 499-510, 2013.

Ethylene removal and fresh product storage: a challenge at the frontiers of chemistry. Towards an approach by photocatalytic oxidation.
Keller N., Ducamp M. N., Robert D., Keller V.
Chem. Rev. 133, 5029, 2013.

Catalytic CO2 valorization into CH4 on Ni-based ceria-zirconia. Reaction mechanism by operando IR spectroscopy.
Ussa Aldana P.A., Ocampo F., Kobl K., Louis B., Thibault-Starzyk F., Daturi M., Bazin P., Thomas S.,Roger A. C.
Catal. Today
215, 201-207, 2013.

Effect of physico-chemical properties of ceria-based supports on the carbon dioxide methanation reaction
Frey M., Mignani G., Jolly J., Roger A. C.,
Advanced Chemistry Letters
1, 257-263, 2013.

NiLaZr and NiCuLaZr mixed metal oxides as catalysts for the steam reforming of ethanol
Musso M., Veiga S., Bespalko N., Faccio R., Roger A.C., Bussi J.,
Catalysis Today
213, 42-49, 2013.

Steam reforming of α-methylnaphthalene as a model tar compound over olivine and olivine supported nickel.
Michel R., Łamacz A., Krzton A., Djéga-Mariadassou G., Burg P., Courson C., Gruber R.
109, 653-660, 2013.

CO2 sorption enhanced steam reforming of methane using Ni/CaO.Ca12Al14O33 catalysts.
Cesário M.R., Barros B.S., Zimmermann Y., Courson C., Melo D.M.A., KiennemannA.
Advanced Chemistry Letters
1, 292-299, 2013

Unexpected interaction between the components of a catalyst of methane oxidative coupling.
Nipan G.D., Loktev A.S., Parkhomenko K.V., Golikov S.D., Dedov A.G., Moiseev I.I.,
Doklady Physical Chemistry
448, 19−22, 2013.

Li/W/Mn/SiO2 composites at influence of methane-oxygen and hydrogen-air mixtures.
Nipan G. D., Loktev A.S., Parkhomenko K.V., Golikov S.D., Gerashchenko M.V., Dedov A.G., Moiseev I.I.
Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
58, 887-891, 2013.

Specifics of phase transformations in Ni-Ce/Mg catalysts prepared by self−combustion for CO2 reforming of methane.
Daza C.E., Parkhomenko K., Kiennemann A.,
Advanced Chemistry Letters
1, 321-329, 2013.

Sorbents for CO2 capture from biogenesis calcium wastes
Casthilo S., Kiennemann A., Soares Dias A.P.,
Chemical Engineering Journal
226, 146-153, 2013.

Study of olivine supported copper sorbents performances in the desulfurization process in link with biomass gasification.
Hachimi A., Vilcocq L., Courson C., Kiennemann A.
Fuel Processing Technology, 118, 254-263, 2014.

Simultaneous catalytic H2 production and CO2 capture in steam reforming of toluene as tar model compound from biomass gasification.
Zamboni I., Courson C., Niznansky D., Kiennemann A.
Applied  Catal. B: Environmental, 145, 63-72, 2014.

Partial oxidation of methane to produce syngas over a neodymium-calcium cobaltate-based catalyst.
Dedov A.G., Loktev A.S., Komissarenko D.A., Mazo G.N., Shlyakhtin O.A., Parkhomenko K.V., Kiennemann A., Roger A.C., Ishmurzin A.V., Moiseev I.I.
Applied Catal. A: General
, 489, 140–146, 2014.

Ni(Co)-containing catalysts based on perovskite-like ferrites for steam reforming of ethanol.
Arapova M., Pavlova S., Rogov V., Krieger T., Ishchenko A., Roger A.C.
Catalysis for Sustainable Energy
, 1, 10–20, 2014.

H2S photocatalytic oxidation over WO3/TiO2 Hombikat UV100
A. Alonso-Tellez, D. Robert, V. Keller, N. Keller
Environ Sci Pollut Res, 21, 3503, 2014

Photocatalytic degradation of butanone (methylethylketone) in a small-size TiO2/Beta-SiC alveolar foam LED reactor
N. Doss, P. Bernhardt, T. Romero, R. Masson, V. Keller, N. Keller
Applied Catal. B: Environment
, 154–155, 301, 2014

TiO2 Photocatalysis Damages Lipids and Proteins in Escherichia coli
G. Carré, E.Hamon, S.Ennahar, M. Estner, M-Cl. Lett, P. Horvatovich, J-P. Gies, V. Keller, N.Keller, P. Andre
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 80(8), 2014

TiO2 nanorods for gas phase photocatalytic applications
M. Lafjah, A.Mayoufi, E. Schaal, F. Djafri, A. Bengueddach, N. Keller, V. Keller
Catalysis Today 235, 193, 2014.

Solvent induced dichotomy in the oxidation mechanism of alkyl aromatic selenoethers.
Fechete I., Jouikov V.
C. R. Chimie 17, 869-880, 2014.

Removal of cadmium (II) from aqueous media using COOH/TUD-1 mesoporous solid. Kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
Bensacia N., Fechete I., Moulay S., Debbih-Boustila S., Boos A., Garin F.
Env. Eng. Man. J. 13, 2675-2686, 2014.

Simultaneous effect of carbon and water on NOx adsorption on a stabilized Pt-Ba/Al2O3.
Wu D., Tschamber V., Limousy L., Westermann A., Azambre B., Fechete I., Garin F.
C. R. Chimie 17, 687-700, 2014.

Synthesis of polyacrylamide-bound hydroquinone via a hemolytic pathway: application for removal of heavy metals.
Moulay S., Bensacia N., Garin F., Fechete I., Boos A.
C. R. Chimie 17, 849-859, 2014.

Combined fixed-bed reactor and in-situ DRIFTS tests of NO adsorption on a NOx storage-reduction system catalyst.
Wu D., Tschamber V., Limousy L., Michelin A., Westermann A., Azambre B., Fechete I., Garin F
Chem. Eng. Technol. 37, 204-212, 2014.

Polyacrylamide-based sorbents for the removal of hazardous metals.
Moulay S., Bensacia N., Garin F., Fechete I. Boos A.
Ads. Sci. Technol. 31, 691-709, 2013.

Electron-deficient adduct site in the ring opening of methylcyclopentane on tungsten dioxide supported Pt, Ir and Pt-Ir catalysts.
Djeddi A., Fechete I., Ersen O., Garin F.
C. R. Chimie 16, 433-441, 2013.

Catalytic behavior of Mn/MCM-48 and WMn/MCM-48 ordered mesoporous catalysts in a reductive environment: a study of the conversion of methylcyclopentane.
Fechete I., Ersen O., Garin F., Lazar L., Rach A.
Catal. Sci. Technol. 3, 444-453, 2013.

Carbon-NSR catalyst interaction : impact on catalyst structure and NOx storage efficiency.
Klein J., Wu D., Tschamber V., Fechete I., Garin F.
Appl. Catal. B : Env. 132-133, 527-534, 2013.

An Efficient Buchwald-Hartwig Amination Reaction for the Synthesis of Functionalized 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroacridine Derivatives.
de Sousa J., Brown R. C. D., Baati R.
Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2014, 3468-3474.

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel tetrahydroacridine pyridine- aldoxime and -amidoxime hybrids as efficient uncharged reactivators of nerve agent-inhibited human acetylcholinesterase.
Kliachyna M., Nussbaum V., Renou J., Santoni G., Sanson B., Colletier J.-P.,  Arboléas M., Loiodice M., Weik M., Jean L., Renard P.-Y., Nachon F., Baati R.
Eur. J. Med. Chem., 78, 2014, 455-467.

Tryptoline-3-hydroxypyridinaldoxime conjugates as efficient reactivators of phosphorylatedhuman acetyl and butyrylcholinesterases.
Renou J., Loiodice M., Arboléas M., Baati R., Jean L., Nachon F. and Renard P.-Y.
Chem. Commun., 50, 2014, 3947 – 3950.

Selective Irreversible Chemical Tagging of Cysteine with 3-Aryl-propiolonitriles. Koniev O., Strub J.-M., Schaeffer-Reiss C., van Dorsselaer A., Baati R., A. Wagner.
Bioconjugate, 25, 2014, 202–206.

Metal oxides modified NiO catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene
H. Zhu, H. Dong, P. Laveille, Y. Saih, V. Caps, J.-M. Basset
Catalysis Today, 228, 2014, 58-64.

Catalytic oxidation of light alkanes (C1-C4) by heteropoly compounds
M. Sun, J. Zhang, P. Putaj, V. Caps, F. Lefebvre, J. Pelletier, J.-M. Basset
Chemical Reviews, 114, 2014, 981-1019.

Intermediate band in the gap of photosensitive hybrid gel based on titanium dioxide: role of coordinated ligands during photoreduction.
T. Cottineau, A. Rouet, V. Fernandez, L. Brohan, M. Richard-Plouet
J. Mater. Chem. A 2, 11499-11508, 2014.