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Elena Savinova

 Professor Elena R. Savinova


Professeur - Université de Strasbourg

Contact :

Tél. 33 (0)3 68 85 27 39

Research topics

  • Model studies in electrocatalysis
    • Size and structural effects in electrocatalysis of fuel cell-related processes and beyond
    • Design and investigation of spatially ordered nanostructures
    • Application of in situ FTIR spectroscopy for the investigation of adsorption and reaction at solid-liquid electrified interfaces.
  • Development of novel materials for electrocatalytic applications
    • Novel catalytic layer architectures
    • Noble and non-noble metal catalysts with optimized size and structure
    • Carbon support materials with optimized morphology and surface properties
    • Metal oxide supports : structuring and modification with catalytically active components
  • Single cell durability measurements


Electrocatalysis, supported metal nanoparticles, carbon supports, size effects, in situ FTIR, electrodeposition, lithography.


Publications of the team


  • Agence National de Recherche,
  • Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (BIC, Novosibirsk, Russia),
  • IPCMS (Strasbourg, France),
  • Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),
  • Laboratoire d’Electrochimie et de Physico-chimie des Matériaux et des Interfaces UMR 5631 (Saint Martin d’Heres, France).