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Equality referents

Your equality referents at ICPEES

The ICPEES Equality Referents appointed by CNRS are:

Valérie Caps
Tel: 03 68 85 27 33
R2N1, BU7

Stéphane Le Calvé
Tel: 03 68 85 03 68
R4N0, BU5

The tasks of equality referents

The referents are part of the network of Equality referents set up by the Equality correspondent (COREGAL) of the Alsace regional delegation in the framework of the professional equality policy coordinated by the Mission for the place of women at CNRS. This network is placed under the responsibility of the Regional Delegate.

The equality referents are responsible for:

  • At ICPEES level:

- Publicise and disseminate within the unit the elements of the national and regional action plan and, more broadly, the professional equality policies between women and men implemented by the CNRS. Particular attention will be paid to new recruits to inform them of the existence of the system and the mission of the equality advisors.

- Raise awareness among the unit's staff of the gender stereotypes and discrimination that may be present in all aspects of the unit's organisation and operation (allocation of tasks, recruitment, internal communication, memos, e-mails, meetings, internal rules, but also, where appropriate, in the dissemination of scientific results, to combat the Matilda effect, i.e., the minimisation/invisibilisation of women's contribution to scientific productions).

- Raise awareness among unit staff about harassment, sexual and gender-based violence and all forms of discrimination.

- Create a dynamic within the unit on equality issues (gender-stereotype-free, benevolent and non-violent communication in written and visual material distributed by the unit internally and externally, charter of good conduct, etc.).

- To be a contact point and local interlocutor for staff members who are facing a difficulty or witnessing discrimination, harassment, sexist and sexual violence, and to guide them towards the right people in the employing institutions. In this respect, the referents undertake a duty of discretion.

  •  At the network level:

- Participate in meetings and training sessions organised by COREGAL and the Mission for the Status of Women, as well as in the sharing of information and good practices through the collaborative space of the network of equality advisors.

- Contribute to the development of the regional equality plan, including information, awareness-raising, and training actions on professional equality issues, as well as on the prevention and fight against ordinary sexism and sexual harassment.

- Report to COREGAL any difficulties in applying the measures and/or actions.

- Work in close collaboration and partnership with the other local players in the field of professional equality in a structured and integrated approach.