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BET mesopores

Objective and principle

Determination of surface area and porosity of a solid by the BET method (Brunauer, Emett & Teller).

The amount of nitrogen absorbed – desorbed by the solid at low temperature and relative pressure allows the determination of its specific area.

Technical data

Micromeritics Tristar
Mesoporous solid:  2 nm < dpore < 50 nm
P/Po : 10-2 to 1
1 to 6 samples per use

Analysis conditions / submit a sample

  • Sample = degassed powder under vacuum at low temperature
  • Sample amount: from 50mg to 200mg
  • Anticipate degassing conditions (humidity)
  • Use of specific glass tubes (the ones of your team, reference of the tubes available @ Dominique Bégin)
  • Standard analysis (time: a few hours) = book the equipment for a day (or a night possible)



  • Scientific referee : Dominique Bégin
  • technical referee and training referee : Dominique Bégin and Sécou Sall