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Thermal analysis by Chemisorption with MS coupling

Objective and principle

Determination of materials surface reactivity or gas dosing:

  • TPO/TPR (Temperature Programmed Oxidation / Reduction)
  • TPD (Temperature Programmed Desorption)

Chemisorption is the chemical fixation of a molecule in gas state on a solid surface. An exchange of electrons occurs, leading to a quantifiable change in the material conductivity.

Desorption consists in the release of an adsorbed molecule from a material surface when the provided energy is important.

Technical data

Oven: quartz tube
Temperature : till 1000°C
Diluted gas: H2, O2, CO, CO2, NH3, SO2
Carrier gas: Ar, He
Detector : MS Pfeiffer Thermostar and/or TCD
Consumables: quartz wool, quartz tube, seals

Analysis conditions / submit a sample

Sample: in solid state, from 2 to 100 mg

Gas flow: from 5 to 75 ml/min

Ramps: from 5 to 30°C/min

Contact Sécou Sall to be trained on the equipment.

At the end of the training you will obtain an access to book the chemisorption equipment on GRR (

Contacts and location

Scientific referee:  Dominique Bégin
Technical and training referee: Sécou Sall
Location: R3N1