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ThermoGravimetric analysis (TGA)

Objective and principle

TGA measures the variation of the mass for a sample as a function of temperature in a specific atmosphere

Technical data

Our TGA is a Q 5000IR from TA Instruments fitted out with an auto sampler

  • Range of temperature: from room temperature to 1200°C
  • Heating rate: from  0,1 to 500°C/min
  • HiRes analysis: automatically adjustment of the heating rate according to the loss of mass (optimization of curves and time of test)
  • Modulated TGA: give access to the activation energy of the sample according to time, temperature and conversion in a single test
  • Mass of the sample: from 1 to 5 mg
  • Sensibilité: 0,1µg
  • Controlled atmosphere: inert gaz (nitrogen) or oxydant (air)
  • Coupled with an Infrared: analysis of gases emitted during the decomposition of the sample.

Analysis conditions

What do you want to obtain ?
Particularities ?

Look out! : you must use your own pans. One pan costs 350€

Submit a sample

  1. You must contact Christophe Mélart or Sécou Sall to be able to access to the TGA. We will give you specific training. For external people, you have to fill the form for TGA analysis
  2. After the training, you will access to the schedule for booking the TGA on GRR ( Then, you can book and use TGA.
  3. For every tests, fill the notebook.

 Look out ! :

  • Times slot for Polymers department: from Monday 8 am to Wednesday 8 am and Friday from 8 am to 1 pm
  • Times slot for catalyse department: from Tuesday 18 pm to Friday 8 am

 Flexibilities of times slot can be according to the imperatives. If necessary, contact Christophe Mélart or Sécou Sall

Contacts and localisation

  • Scientific referee: Dominique Bégin
  • Technical and training referee: Christophe Mélart et Sécou Sall
  • Location: R3N1