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Job and training opportunities

Master thesis proposal

"Preparation of semi-conducting polymer nanoparticles for photovoltaic applications"

The objective of the master thesis is to study the preparation composite nanoparticles containing a conjugated electron-donor polymer and a small molecule electron-acceptor using one of the above-mentioned techniques

Anne Hébraud
(33) 3 68 85 27 09

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Offre de thèse dans le cadre d'une coopération franco-britannique - DGA-Dstl

Thesis in the frame of the French/UK Scientific Cooperation funded by DGA/Dstl

PROJECT Title: Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Hybrid Reactivators of OP-inhibited AChE - Acronyme: REACTIVATOR

Key words: heterocyclic chemistry, C-C cross-coupling, chemical labeling, fluorescent probe, chemical diversity, choline esterase, reactivation, medical countermeasure, antidote.

Postdoctoral position on polymer chemistry for biobased and biodegradable systems for drug delivery

Description of the position

BioTeam (http://www.biodeg.NET) is a well-known, international research group (Team Leader: Prof. Luc Avérous) within the ICPEES (UMR CNRS 7515), University of Strasbourg - France (One of the Top World Universities - Ranking for chemistry), focused on experimental approaches to systems based on biodegradable and/or biobased polymers for environmental and biomedical applications.

This postdoctoral position is associated with an industrial project in connection with an international company on cosmetics, to develop biobased and biodegradable drug delivery systems (chemical synthesis of polymers, polymers characterization and process).

Two PhD Positions available at ICPEES in analytical chemistry based on microfluidic devices

Candidate background: The two candidates should have a MASTER in chemistry or engineering with a strong background in analytical chemistry or in microfluidics or in physical chemistry. The candidates will be able to present their results and to write their reports in English in the framework of a European project.

How to apply: Applications (curriculum vitae and cover letter) should be sent by e-mail to: (Tel.:

Deadline: August 20th, 2018.

Download the proposal 1 (formaldehyde detection)

Download the proposal 2 (VOCs detection)