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Research themes

The group of Analytical Chemistry and Materials for Environnement and Health develops analytical methods for the detection of organic molecules mainly in the air but also in other environmental matrices (water, soils). The activities of the team are structured around 3 research axes:

Axis 1: On-line analytical methods via microfluidic devices for the quantification of air pollutants

On-line methods combine sampling, species separation or selective derivatization reaction and near-real time detection. Microfluidics allows to obtain compact and portable devices.

Keywords: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, aldehydes, benzene, BTEX, microfluidics, portable instruments, prototyping.

Contact: Dr. Stéphane Le Calvé

Axis 2: Off-line analysis methods via chromatographic techniques

The off-line methods consist in taking the sample on site and analyzing it once back to the laboratory. The active or passive air samplings are performed with adsorbent tubes.

Keywords: Semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC), pesticides, PAHs.

Contacts: Prof. Maurice Millet and Dr. Olivier Delhomme

Axis 3: Adsorption study of organic molecules on various materials

The aim is to study the adsorption processes of organic molecules on different adsorbents (zeolites, MOF, etc.) either in air using representative controlled conditions (temperature, relative humidity and pollutant concentrations) or in water.

Mots clés : Adsorption, désorption, Composés Organiques Volatils (COV), formaldéhyde, aldéhydes, benzène, BTEX, BET, courbe de perçage.

Keywords: Adsorption, desorption, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, aldehydes, benzene, BTEX, BET, breakthrough curve.

Contact: Dr. Stéphane Le Calvé