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Team Members

Permanent staff

LE CALVÉ Stéphane - Research Director at CNRS (Team leader)
MILLET Maurice - Professor at the University of Strasbourg
DELHOMME Olivier - Assistant Professor at the University of Lorraine

Permanent technical staff attached to the chemistry division and working on the team's themes

BECKER Anaïs - Research Ingineer

Non-permanent staff

GRANDJEAN Audrey - PhD Student
KHOURY Dani - PhD Student
KUSTNER Coralie - PhD Student
TRAN THI Tuyền - PhD Student
VAZ RAMOS Joana - PhD Student

Team's pictures

Picture of the group of Atmospheric Physical Chemistry. October 12, 2021.


    Former team members

    OCAMPO Ruben - Directeur de recherche au CNRS

    DIONE Cheik Tidiane - Doctorant

    GALMICHE Mathieu - Doctorant

    RODRIGUES Anaïs - Doctorante

    SONNETTE Alexandre - Post-Doctorant